Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Daily Athenaeum: Rapper 6’6 240 releases updated version of WVU song ‘Gold N Blue’

Rapper 6’6 240 releases updated version of WVU song ‘Gold N Blue’

Published: Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Updated: Wednesday, September 1, 2010 23:09

As West Virginia University football season dawns, students expect a new song each year to keep their Mountaineer pride alive: local rapper 6’6 240’s "Gold N Blue" anthem.
6’6 240, real name Lionel Jordan, debuted the 2011 installment of his "Gold N Blue" hits Wednesday on WVAQ.
While these school spiritpacked raps are nothing new to Jordan, who has released five "Gold N Blue" songs since 2005, he said with each year there is always new material to cover.
"This year there was a huge number of players that needed recognition; more than usual," Jordan said. "This year’s is the best one yet."
Jordan is a fan of WVU football himself, but said he does these songs out of what he feels is his duty to the Morgantown community and to all Mountaineer fans.
"I’ve always obviously been a fan of the Mountaineers," Jordan said. "But I definitely feel obligated to my fans to release these songs."
"My motivation absolutely comes from my dedication to the team and to the fans who I know greatly appreciate the team," Jordan said.
The rapper claimed he takes pride in doing his part in Mountaineer pride because it is something he respects and feels is unmatched in comparison to other universities.
"I’ve been all over the country, but no other college pride can compete with WVU. It’s unbelievable," Jordan said. "It’s the biggest family I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing."
Jordan said he is happy to be able to contribute a large piece of Mountaineer pride to the Morgantown community each year and plans to do so as long as he’s needed.
"It feels good to know that people are anxious to hear the new song with each start of the football season, and it’s like I get to do my part in motivating the team and the fans," Jordan said. "I’ll do it as long as I still have a voice."
"The Gold N Blue 2011" will be featured on 6’6 240’s newest album titled "Jackie Robinson," is set to be released sometime in September.
"The new album will be just like always – an EP with all of my talent, energy, hard work and good music," Jordan said.
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