Thursday, January 13, 2011



With musical influences that range from Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, to rap legends Run DMC and Nas. TL Cross's music not only has a global appeal, it has a genre all its own--World Soul. According to the Columbia Encyclopedia, World Soul is the universal spirit that which connects the human soul to the body.
The Queens Native has taken this concept and applied it to his music, creating a unique sound that is definitely cutting edge.
With the release of his new single “Pop Life” written and produced by TL Cross this mid tempo mainstream radio banger captures the climate of today’s pop culture. In Pop Life Cross takes today’s mind state and channels it weaving a story of an average around the way girl turned popular hot socialite. Over the hard hitting synth-base, urban hip- hop beat; Cross explores what it means for his girl to be living the Pop Life.
TL Cross is also featured on Jadakiss “All Falls Down” single and video.
Produced by Addicted 4 Life and hosted by DJ Green Lantern
"I want to take away the limits, the labels from music and unite the sounds and styles from all over," says TL Cross.  So listen and enjoy the magic as he presents to you his interpretation of world soul

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